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What services do Wilson’s Tree Services provide?

Wilson’s Tree Services cover all aspects of tree removal. We specialise in the treatment of pest and disease, corrective pruning, land clearing, thinning and crown raising of canopies and hazardous tree removal. Our services range from weight and deadwood removal on larger trees, right through to pruning smaller fruit trees and hedges.

Why Wilson’s Tree Services?

Wilson’s Tree Services is run by a father & son team. Greg holds over seventeen years of experience in the Arborist industry and introduced Kyle to the industry in 2013. Kyle has been our Lead Climber for the past four years and holds a great passion for Arboriculture. He is constantly pursuing the growth of his Arboriculture knowledge, which ensures that Wilson’s Tree Services are at a top industry level in all aspects. Coming from a local generation family, Greg and Kyle are both passionate about building and maintaining client relationships, and also in preserving our surrounding habitat for many future generations to come.

What tools and equipment do Wilson’s Tree Services use?

Wilson’s Tree Services currently operate with a 2T Excavator. Our Excavator is equipped with tree grabs to handle materials and provide an efficient clean-up for larger sites. We have a large Bandit 1590XP Woodchipper and a Bandit 90XP Woodchipper. These Chippers are paired up with either our Hino Dutro Hi-Ab Truck, or our Hino FC 450 Mulch Tipper Truck.  

Are Wilson’s Tree Services able to remove any tree?

Every tree is individual in its own way and means that we inspect and access each tree and each job individually. This allows us to create a specific management plan to ensure the best and safest end result. Our team visually inspects each tree prior to completing any work. Our team are always on the lookout for Native habitat. We retain hollows where possible and if required, re-locate any Native habitat that isn’t able to be retained in the original location.

Do you have Questions?

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